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Visual Extend / Active Extend Registration!

  Dear customer,
the following options can be used for all the currently available versions:

  Free trial version
I want to have a free trial activation key in order to test Visual Extend for 30 days for free
Gladly will we send you a free trial key for any available version of Visual Extend to your eMail address as provided! We do not need any additional information except for your eMail address and your self-chosen password.

  Full version
I do have a trial version of Visual Extend already and I want to order a full version
If you have installed the trial version of Visual Extend succesfully, we will gladly send you the permanent activation key for Visual Extend. Please order your full version here, and after payment confirmation your will receive the permanent activation key.

I am already a user of VFX and I want to update to a newer version
Use the reduced fees for updates from former versions to the current version of Visual Extend. Your existing entry will automatically be copied to the new version. The old licence entry will stay intact. After the confirmation of the arrival of your payment you will soon receive the final activation key.

  Replacement key
I need a replacement key for my current licence because of reinstallation
In case of reinstallation of your computer and/or reinstallation of Visual Extend you can order a new replacement key here.

I want to update my registration record due to changes
If your postal address or other information has changed, please update your registration record here.

Please send me my password again
Please choose your version and enter your e-mail address so that we can send you your password again.